Winter Resort Projects

Wed, 12/24/2014 - 1:27pm

It's wintertime again and that means working on resort projects--while people aren't around.  I think there are some business owners that generally get burned out by a long season of taking care of guests/clients.  Yes, that's work but we like that kind of work here at the Landing.  But we like working on projects in the winter too.  Work is good for the soul!

Personally, I love to improve things.  I like to take the money we've made and make our units, our grounds, dock and boats nicer, better for our guests--and for us!  I don't believe in hoarding money or spending on expensive vacations or lavish toys.  We live within our means, lacking nothing.  We are so blessed to have what we have and do what we do . . .  it's been a wonderful run.

Projects!  We have one duplex that's given us trouble from the beginning.  Units #3 and #4 is one building sitting off the lake--each has 2 bedrooms, one in a small loft.  These duplexes were built by the Hepko's, former owners of Lilleys' Landing (Rosadaro Resort).  Sam Hepko was an amazing man--an inventor and visionary--but he could pinch a penny better than most.  The units weren't built very well, lacking proper insulation and some structure.  These units had a smell that we never could remedy.  So we were going to pretty much level the building and start over.

We are in the city limits of Branson.  We are also in a flood plain so we have to submit for permits through the city to build.  Anyone who knows anything about permits knows that there are hoops to jump through.  These hoops caused us to spend too much time preparing plans and applications (or you can say we started too late) so we had to delay our plan to completely remodel the building.  Instead, we have removed all interior wall covering and insulation in unit #4 (the problem unit), as well as the carpet, treated the interior and have installed all new material.  Our plan is to go ahead with the total remodel next winter.

January marks the beginning of our winter trout tournaments.  We serve a dinner to participants on our outdoor pavilion after the contest and there are some days when it's cold and windy.  It would be nice to enclose the pavilion and install heaters.  That's one of our next projects.  We plan to use clear plastic tarps.  We are also looking for a 30' x 30' tent to use for bigger groups.  We have scheduled a outdoor writer's conference in January which we'll need the tent for.  We also have a large men's church retreat in April that will love the tent.

Last month, Ryan installed an extension to one of the dock fingers.  We used a 4' x 6' enclosed floatation, and treated wood instead of steel.  This allows a fisherman to stand out from underneath the dock roof and cast/fish without being confined by the roof, rail or support posts.  It really worked nicely so our plan is to add more extensions in the coming months.

We changed insurance companies this year.  They sent an inspector to look over the place and he found a few things we needed to take care of.  Curtis and Paul have already changed out one breaker box with several more on their list. 

We had planned on constructing a nice fence around most of the playground (Paul's idea).  We're supposed to have 12 inches of rubber mulch around the new tower so add lining the grounds with higher 6x6's is now on the list.

We'll be siding more of our building with cedar tongue-and-groove siding to match our house and the condo building.  We sided the main building and unit's 1-2 last winter.  Eventually we want to add it to all our buildings.

We will replace carpet, beds and furniture in some of the units.  It's surprising how fast our couches are deemed "old and worn out"!  But this is an annual occurrence.  And of course painting.... Marsha always has a long list of painting jobs for me.

Also new for the 2015 season:

Playground towers.  Curtis and the crew built a set of twin towers, both with rope climbing nets and a rope net tunnel that spans the towers.  It's already a favorite with the kids.

Two new Voyager Pontoons.  We have 4, 22-foot Voyagers in our fleet, added a couple of years ago, with 70 hp motors.  These 2 new boats are 24-foot long, sporting 125 hp motors.  These will be good for larger groups.