White River Trip, 12/10-11/14

Sat, 12/13/2014 - 4:43pm


Duane, Cody and I put in at Rim Shoals about 9 am on Thursday.  They were running minimum flow?  Not sure.  But we got above Red Bud Shoals pretty easy with Duane's Tracker.  It's got a jet!  Inboard.

We wanted to throw jigs- and we did.  Mostly 1/8th ounce, some 3/32nd ounce.  Sculpin/ginger was the best in the morning.  We ran quite a ways up river and started drifting.  Was a little hard getting the fish started but they came around.  Mostly rainbows with a few browns mixed in.  Plus - a nice surprise - we started picking up cutthroats!  Nice!  No brookies though.

We made one drift down to the shoals, then back up.  More water!  And junk in the water - grass and moss.  So we ran up futher- almost to Cotter and the RR bridge.  Water was lots clearer and fishable.

Duane started throwing white and we followed cause we was catching more fish.  More browns started showing up.  Then I hooked a nice brown - about 20 inches.

Ended the day with 9 cutts!  Cool!!  Not sure how many other fish we all caught.

Over to Riley's, grilled salmon and deer back strap- then bed.

Friday morning, I wanted to show Duane some new water.  Schedule said they were going to run one unit till 11 am so we put in at the dam at 8:40 am.  Boated up to the red signs and Duane caught a nice rainbow on his second cast.  It's on!  Nope- it's off.  They shut the water off and it dropped out fast.  No more fish- pulled out and headed to the confluence and Norfork.

Decided to put the boat in at Norfork and run up in the tailwater till we saw wet spots on the bank.  We didn't get far.  Fished out to the White - nothing.  But we did find a few there where the two came together.  Pulled out again.

Drove to Handicap Access and waded in.  We were fishing there at the first shoal when a guy in a truck pulled in to the parking lot, milling around.  I remember this place is known for break in's so we didn't go far.  He left but we didn't change our location.  Caught a few on Zebras and soft hackles.

Back to Rim and headed back towards Cotter.  Looked like they were running 150 mw again but wasn't sure.  We threw white jigs and the trout liked them!  Lots of browns- more than Thursday.  At one point we caught 9 consecutive brown trout with a cutt thrown in.  It was fun throwing to either wood or rock and see browns come out of dark places after our jigs.

Ended the day at dusk.  Back to Riley's to meet the boys.

Had a great time meeting and visiting with guys from the forum.  I think everyone had a good fishing day.  Thanks for the good food!!  Hope fishing was good today.
























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