White jigs today on Taneycomo

Sat, 11/03/2012 - 10:43pm

Got out for a few hours this morning on Taneycomo.  Water running--didn't surprise me--but the amount of water they were running did.  Saturday?  Two units?  Really?  Banks were lined with anglers, most frustrated by the high water I'm sure.  The happy ones were the guys in the prime spots at the outlets.

We actually messed around at Lookout Island for a while, fishing a zebra under a palsa, throwing at midging rainbows at the current's edge and caught a few but they weren't liking our zebras much so we headed to the dam to try jigs.  We had our hearts set on fishing midges but... the Corp messed our plans up too.

Thought about drifting scuds, eggs and san juans deep but decided to throw white jigs instead.  I thought we'd have a chance at a big brown but all we caught were rainbows.  We made 4 drifted and I think caught 7 rainbows.  Some of the strikes were hard but most were soft.  Missed quite a few - out of practice.

John did hook a big fish out in front of outlet 3.  Thought for sure it was a snag till it gave, moved and he felt the head shake.  Of course, the hook pulled out just after I hit the trolling motor to slow us down.

Had a wedding to go to at noon and John went shopping with his wife.  No more fishing today...