Week of June 12th

Sun, 06/12/2016 - 12:00am



Last few nights were slow.  Today was an interesting mixed bag o fish.

Brother in law and I went out after they closed the gates.  We headed up by the cable and waded out as far as we could. We caught 2 nice walleye 1 on a jig other on a stick bait,  and about a 2lb Kentucky I think, and I hooked a real solid 20in+ rainbow on a stick as well.  All in about 2 hour span.

Lots of fish activity and surface hits. Saw a few more walleye swimming around too.  All fish were released.






6/14 -

Took a boat out today from Lilley's with my brother in law and my dad.  Only hooked a few but never got one in the boat.  Pops eyes are just about gone so he gets allot of help from me.  We had a good morning out on the water no matter what.  Going to hit it again tonight and hopefully have some more to share.

Oh I forgot, we did catch some fish today, but they were bluegill and were in a small hand net at moon shine beach on gold fish crackers with the kiddos lol.

6/15 -

Finished off the day on a good note. Caught some nice rainbows tonight.  Water was off so I could get out there a bit and hit the channel.  The girth on some of these fish are crazy.

First bow was a silver bullet that was jumping all over the place down by outlet 2.

Moved down by the cable and started getting some just rod jarring hits on some decent rainbows. Picked up 2 more walleye tonight as well.

All were caught on a white 1/8oz. jig which I was fast jigging with a pretty fast retrieve.






6/16 -

Took my kiddo and my niece down to the outlets this morning, and caught a few rainbows.  Caught them on a Sculpin jig, and a beige san juan worm under a float.  Was pretty crowded down there for a week day so we didn't stay too long.

We are going to hit it hard again tonight, and try to stick it to the walleye!



6/17 -

Another good night in the books.  We set out with a goal for some walleye.  Instead we ended up with another solid night of rainbows, and my brother in law stuck a nice brown.

Bite was on last night, and we caught pretty consistently.  Fish were again just thick and tall, all very healthy.  Only caught 2 little stockers, and everything else were just fat stuffed bows!

We cranked stick baits for most of the time as we were trying to target the walleye.  Shallow divers out in the current.

Finally finished up at 2am. Was hard to leave...  It's silver dollar city day todaywith the fam, but we'll be back at it again when it gets dark. :)





6/18 -

Was a hot but awesome day yesterday at SDC.  We hit all the big coasters with almost no wait times, and it wasn't crowded at all.  Kiddos got flat worn out, so that meant an early bedtime and my brother in law and I got back at it around 10pm tonight.  Water was off and we fished between outlet 1 and the cable.

We went back to throwing sticks as we really wanted to catch some walleye for dinner.  We ended up with 4 total, the biggest 2 going 22 inches.  Their bellys were full of shad and the bigger ones looked like they had some small trout fry in them, but not sure.

Biggest surprise of the night, I caught my first ever small mouth out of Taney.  A little guy maybe 13 inches.

The rainbows continued to disrupt our walleye hunt.  We both caught over 20 rainbows apiece.  Most were in the 15 to 18 inch range, we had a few right at 20in or just below, and all of them were fat little footballs.  My brother in law had a bow hooked up with the biggest head I've ever seen, but lost him about an arms reach away...

Hope you guys enjoy the pics.  All but the walleye were released.