Update - Remodel Progress

Sun, 11/01/2015 - 2:46pm

Our duplex, units 3/4, the building has been razed (except for the 2 walls were are required to leave), the slab cut where a footer will be poured for the supporting wall, slab cut and all broken out around all water inlets where water and sewer is to be moved and all old concrete slabs and sidewalks broken up and removed.

We have changed where the utilities are to come in to the building from the west to east side.  We are looking at boring and having all electric and TV cable lines from the main to the office building as well as to the individual buildings.  This was not originally planned and will be a major job and expense but this may be the time to do it.

The floor slabs on all our duplexes were poured very close to ground level, to the point where rain and sprinkler water wicks up into the structure and causes serious problems.  We asked the city if we could, while pouring the new slab for our extention, add 3 inches of concrete to the existing slab.  We really didn't think they'd let us, seeing the project was a "remodel" rather than "new construction" but they said yes.  This is a HUGE blessing!!  And we are very grateful.  This will get the floor off the ground.