Spring fishing is the best time...

Sat, 03/23/2013 - 9:47am

If you fish (for fish)--if you fish for warm water species of fish like bass, crappie, white bass, stripers--you understand the phrase, "spring fever" has more to do with warming waters and fish waking up from a long winter nap than just the weather turning warm.  It means some of the best fishing of the year is almost here!

But it's funny for some of us.  We tend to jump the gun.  Sometimes it pays off and but most times it doesn't.  We hear about white bass being caught in Beaver Creek so we head over and try it and find out they were in there "yesterday".  And they'll probably be in there "tomorrow" but not "today".  As long as we don't take it personal, it's ok.

Some early trips pay off.  We get there on the right day and in the right spot and throw the right lure and catch 'em good.  Then we tell someone about our trip and the cycle continues.  They head over and try the spot and find out they were there "yesterday" and probably "tomorrow" but not "today".

http://phillilley.com/sites/phillilley.com/files/friends.jpgIf you're like me, sometimes I use up all of my fishing time early and when the rivers and creeks warm up and the whites start moving up in huge schools; when the crappie move to the banks and are eating anything that moves; when the bass are biting on the pea gravel banks and transition banks and the stripers are hitting top water, I'm back home doing all the chores I should have been doing when I was out chasing "stories", too early in the fishing season.

I used to be driven by the need to conquer the white bass.  Every spring, I would wear out the road between home and Beaver and Swan Creeks on Bull Shoals Lake.  Daytime, nighttime, especially early in the season when the whites were fickle and unpredictable.  I'd get so upset when I hear of others catching them and I wasn't.  I was obsessed with catching a limit and would take it personal if I couldn't get on them.  Thankfully growing older and wiser changed my motives to enjoying the opportunity to just get out and fish.  Sure catching is great but spending time with friends beats catching any day.