Short evening trip, Taneycomo

Thu, 10/25/2012 - 10:16am

Set aside yesterday (Tuesday) for fishing.  Thought about heading to a different place I decided to stay home and fish Taneycomo.  Wanted to wade all morning but the Corp decided to run water all day so boat fishing I did.  Eric Evans (ciRe on the forum) wanted to go along so we loaded up and headed uplake about 8 am.

One unit on about half or a little more.  We stopped at Lookout Island and decided to tie on a stimulator.  Wanted to try the water behind the island to see if there any browns back there.  Saw some rainbows and caught nothing.  Drifted on down and fought the fallen leaves on the water but managed a few rainbows on the dry.  Eric did real well.

Tired of leaves, we boated to the cable, holding my breathe running through rebar.  Threw a jig on the south bank to the island and I think we caught a couple (can't remember).  Not impressed, we switched to a #14 zebra under an indicator 4 feet deep and caught5 rainbows first pass.  Second pass, nothing!  Got me feet wet pushing my boat off the island- not watching where I was drifting- stupid!  Not the first time...

We made one more pass without any luck so we switched sides and drifted the north side.  I wanted to look more than fish it.  Wasn't impressed there either.  Saw one nice brown.  We drifted scuds and zebras all the way down to the ramp and caught a few rainbows.  I tried a stimulator again and had a looker, that's all.

Finished drifting from Lookout down past the narrows on the shallow side using #12 gray scuds and did well- rainbows but no size.  The flat at the narrows was full of fish- did the best there.


This evening, I took Jackson up to the dam and fished from the bank above the MDC boat ramp below the horn.  One unit full I think but not enough water to chase me off.  Set the float 8 feet deep and started with a miracle fly (egg) and caught 2 nice rainbows.  Added a dropped - white san juan, caught one more on the egg.  Tied on a #10 gray scud- 200R and caught 4 more rainbows.  Lost 2 more.  One fish- thought I was snagged... yes "set, yank, pull, head shake, pull out- dangit!!  Mosquitoes was terrible!  Cool front ought to thin them out.  All in all it was a great evening.  Jackson loves it up there.