Mon, 10/22/2012 - 11:46pm

My Cardinals lost tonight.  I've been a Cardinal fan since I was a kid growing up in Parsons, KS.  Most of us boys were brought up Cards fans.  Last years series was incredible but this year's team couldn't possibly pull off the same miracle comebacks.

Brad Case is an avid Card fan.  He's a young accountant here in Branson.  We attend the same church and at the Sunday morning service we were discussing momentum.

Momentum in sports is that intangible weapon each coach, player each team searches for and we certainly saw momentum play apart of this series.  

St. Louis was cruising after beating Washington.  Game 2 in the NCLS was a hiccup.  Game 3 and 4 were dominated by unconscious hitting and pitching by the Redbirds.  Seemed nothing could cool their bats.  But they went cold.

Game 5.  Did the Cards letdown?  Someone flipped a switch.

Back to San Fran and of course the Giants feed of the hometown crowd.  They dominated games 6 and 7.  Giants hit.  Cards couldn't put 3 hits together to score.

Momentum.  It's not necessarily the best team who wins.  It's the team who's peaking at the right time.  It's the team that keeps the momentum going till the end, not letting down when the end is in sight.

It's intangible, unpredictable, can't buy it, can't earn it, can't practice it and you sure can't count on it.  It's there one minute and alludes you the next.  It's the stuff of dreams and agony of defeat.  It's what the Cardinals needed tonight and couldn't find.  It's what the Giants found and kept it going to the end.

Now we'll see who has it in the coming series.  I say, go Detroit.  That city needs something to cheer about.