Lake Taneycomo vs White River Trout

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 2:08pm

Dec 13 2.jpg

While fishing the White River this past Thursday and Friday, I couldn't help but notice that most if not all the rainbows we were catching were fairly small and all silver - hardly no color. We threw marabou jigs of varied sizes and colors, fishing mostly between Cotter and Rim Shoals with either minimum flow or 100-150 mw of generation.

While I didn't take any pictures of the rainbows we caught on the White, I did take these pictures this morning while fishing a jig on Lake Taneycomo.

I drifted from the dam down to just below Fall Creek, a 3.5 mile stretch. They're running 25 mw of power with is 1/2 unit. I used an 1/8th ounce white jig, 1/8th ounce sculpin jig and a 3/32nd once sculpin/peach jig.

Note- I made a short drift when I first got up there and caught maybe a dozen rainbows and one brown before deciding to make the long drift and take pics. I caught the smallmouth on the first cast. The second to the last rainbow was about 11 inches - the only rainbow under 12 inches I landed. I lost a couple of smaller rainbows at the boat.

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It's not so much the size but the color that struck me as odd. Why are Taney's rainbows so much colorful. Granted, it is the time of year when we see our rainbows color up so pretty - mostly because of the spawn. Our water is darker too more silt because Table Rock is turning over. The water on the White was much clearer.

Now if you compare the rainbows you'd catch below BS Dam in their trophy area and Taney's, the White has bigger rainbows on average. But it seems, at least right now, Taney has better sized rainbows overall, throughout the lake/river system than the White, This really surprises me given the fact the White has had a minimum flow in place for a year now. I'd think their food population (bugs and forage fish) would be through the roof.

That's another thing we noticed. Didn't see many if any forage fish on the White. Taney has tons of shiners all up and down the lake along the banks. That's what is visible. I know we have sculpin, but so does the White.