Lake Taneycomo, June 30, 2015

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 12:00am

Dickey Trio - June

We've had a pretty wild summer!  Flood gates, warm, fast water and lots of great fishing -- IF you can get out in a boat and drift.  That's the only problem with a tailwater fishery... you're at the mercy of generation and rain runoff.

Our generators are fixed.  All four units are online and the Corp is making good use of them.  All 4 units will run until Table Rock's level drops to around 917 feet which right now they have about a one and three-quarters to go.  But I think we'll see a backing off of the flow here in the next day or two, before it hits that magic mark.

Water temperature is a chilly 45 degrees and the clarity is very good, almost too good.  But with this much water running, clarity isn't a problem.  If they slow it down or stop the water, then you might think about going to 2-pound line, especially if the trout get fussy on you.

Night crawlers is king!  We went through more than a hundred dozen worms in 5 days this past week.  Out trout are liking them, drifting them on the bottom from our place (Lilleys' Landing) downstream to the bridges.  Stay in the middle of the lake!!!!  You will not get snagged as much if you do.

If you're throwing jigs, throw 1/8th ounce and work the INSIDE banks where the water is slower.  You can work the bluff or outside banks but it's tougher fishing.  Throw in the slack pockets and let the jig drop deep as you can.

I've been throwing dark colors while trying white and ginger and not having much luck.  Sculpin by itself or a mix of sculpin and ginger or peach is working.  Brown or orange head.

Since back from my trip to visit my son and his wife in Boston, I've fished the bank across from the mouth of Fall Creek a couple of times and had great success!  Here's a video, hopefully showing where and how I approach this stretch.

I did boat to the dam with a long-time resort guest, Brian Workman from the KC area, and he hooked and landing a real nice rainbow on a sculpin/orange jig.

We worked on down to Fall Creek and caught a few but didn't do as well as we've been doing.  Then we hit the bank across from Fall Creek and that's where we starting catching fish consistently.

Note: The top pictures were supplied by Captain Steve Dickey, one of our fishing guides.