Lake Taneycomo, June 22, 2015

Mon, 06/22/2015 - 12:00am

Crew 530

Was out last evening trying a couple of things.  Didn't get out earlier enough to all I wanted to.

Here's a video showing what I did.  Featured is how I rig when drifting flies, namely scuds.

Fishing was slow.  The guides reported is was slow in the morning too.

On Sunday, 7 pm.. the 2 turbines that were down were repaired and brought online.

BUT they're only showing 156 megawatts and 9942 cfs of water through the turbines.  That's 3 units worth of water.  Four units would be 220 megawatts.

Steve Dicky said he was up at the dam at that time - they dropped the water about 18 inches, then blew 3 horns and the water came back up- but it came back up higher.  The Corp shows the level was about 713.0 feet and now it is 713.8 feet.

It's been interesting seeing how the trout react to the flows - now compared to the flow a couple of weeks ago.  They don't seem to like this flow as much as before- not as many scuds and definitely not as many midges.  Last high water series, the midges were thicker than thick, especially in the evenings.  Not as much now.

Howry 530 b

The drift/scud/bite isn't as good, especially from Fall Creek down lake.  We're catching fish but not like before.

Normally we see a ton of threadfin shad come over the top and the trout are biting white but not as aggressive as they should be.

I'm only talking about the last couple of days, and we have seen the trout do into a funk and not bite for whatever reason.  One thing is for sure - the big fish are still out there and we have all summer to figure them out.

The early morning bite has by far been the best.  From 6 - 8:30 a.m., the guides reported catch 5-6 fish on every drift from the cable down to Trophy Run, the same drifting from Lookout past the Narrows.  But they're switching flies pretty often:  eggs fly, scud, San juan worm, small stick bait, white wooly bugger.  When they slow down on one, it's time to switch.

Howry 530 a

There are some fish in the Branson Landing area and they can be caught drifting Gulp Eggs and worms.  Get it to the bottom!  Use a 3/8 ounce bell weight or bigger.  Seek out a calm stretch--if it's windy where you're drifting and you're getting blown up and down and sideways, move to an area where the wind isn't blowing.

There's an area below Branson about 3 miles called the Gold Mine.  From there down to the mouth of Bull Creek has been good too.  The state has been stocking rainbows down lake lately.