Lake Taneycomo fishing report, November 30

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 12:00am

October Lake Taneycomo 4

The month of November was one of the mildest on record -- the lake stayed pretty busy with anglers catching trout.  The only thing bad about the weather was that we had a lot of days with no wind, which made the bite tough at times.  But that's improved this week, at least.  The temperatures are still mild, but we've had a good breeze almost every day.

Wind always makes catching better, no matter what kind of fish you're fishing for.  But trout especially seem to love eating under a choppy surface.

Instead of writing a long fishing report, I did it the fun way -- filmed some fishing while discussing fishing conditions and what the catch has been like the last week or so.

I did not mention night crawlers in the video.  They've been good bait, catching some nice but sub-legal browns this past weekend.  When drifting them in current, there's no need to inject air in them, but when fishing them on the bottom with no current, shoot a little air in the tail to make them float off the bottom.

Line size:  I'm not shying away from using four-pound line with anything, even bait.  Our water isn't that clear and the trout don't seem to be too picky.  But when using small jigs, I'm using two-pound line.  For fly fishing, I'm using 6x fluorocarbon most of the time and having no trouble hooking fish, even in very shallow water.