Lake Taneycomo fishing report, 11/27/14

Thu, 11/27/2014 - 2:05pm

November 21 c

Generation on Lake Taneycomo the last few weeks have been fairly consistent. There's been some flow but not much. When dam officials do run water, it's in the mornings and/or evenings for a couple of hours. There are exceptions (of course). No real pattern to the day of the week, but they've been running from a half unit to two units all day and night. But again, that's may be one day a week. Colder temperatures could cause this to change.

The lake's water quality is good. Our trout seem to be strong and active, feeding on midges all during the day on the surface. And when they're hooked they fight as hard as they do in the winter and spring. The water is getting darker which means there is some movement in Table Rock's layers. When Table Rock turns over, silt from the bottom mixes and we get turbid water every winter. This doesn't affect fishing or the trout's activity. It does mean that we anglers don't have to use 7x tippet any longer!

As I mentioned, rainbows and browns have been keying in on hatching midges. You'll see them dimpling the surface all during daylight hours. The best times, though, are early and late in the day and when its cloudy. We've been throwing Zebra Midges, setting a float anywhere from 12 to 48 inches above the first fly. Small jigs are also working. If there's no wind or chop on the water, a Zebra is the best to use. If there's a chop, then a jig will work.

What's working best for us has been a black #14 or #16 Zebra with either a black or copper head. Good jigs have been a 1/125th or 1/50th ounce sculpin, ginger, brown/orange or sculpin/ginger jig, either a orange or brown head.

We've been catching more brown trout lately--yes on jig or midge under a float. There's not any certain area we're finding them -- really anywhere and everywhere. They've become very active after their spawning period.

We've also been fishing the scud, mainly in the trophy area. Fish it anywhere on the gravel, but just make sure it's dragging the bottom. I'm still using a Peppy or Mink scud tied on a 200R hook, #12 and weighted. I'm also wrapping it with a small copper wire.

Lincoln Hunt and I fished one evening and did well using the aforementioned Zebra. Here's a short video showing us catching 12 rainbows out of the same spot. Almost every fish was a dark male in their spawning colors. Some were even milking already.

Same trip, I caught a nice brown trout on a zebra.

Nov 24 brown 1

Fishing out in front of the dock the other evening, I caught this really pretty brown on a Zebra Midge. Our brown trout have really made a comeback since the floods knocked the numbers way back. I'm looking forward to 2015 and lots more pictures of trophy browns caught.

Fishing off our dock has been pretty good lately, too. Every morning is the best and the best bait has been Berkly's Gulp eggs -- one orange and one white egg. Garlic is still a good scent either to add to your bait or buy with it already applied. Duane and Ryan have been throwing a black 1/16th-ounce jig off the dock lately and catching some really nice rainbows and even a few browns.

December Expectations

From what I've heard in the media, we're supposed to have a cold winter with lots of snow. Maybe mother nature got it out of her system a couple of weeks ago . . . and may be not. But regardless, trout don't mind, only fishermen. If you can get here and if you can stand a little cold, our trout fishing should be excellent !

Winter trout 1 winter trout 2 winter trout 3

If you've asked me when's the best time to come fishing here on Taneycomo, you know what my answer always is. Winter. December and January. Most people are surprised at my answer. So why do I say that? Two reasons.

One. As our water quality (increase in oxygen) changes for the better in early December, the trout's reaction is pretty incredible. It's like they get a shot of adrenaline. They're more active, feeding like they've just come out of hibernation. Our water quality improves all through the winter into the spring, but fishing pressure takes its toll later in the spring.

Two. In the months of November and December and on into January, our fishing pressure is at its lowest, giving our fish a chance to settle down and live and feed in their natural environment, all the while more and more rainbows are stocked in the lake. When January hits, we really do see the most good quality rainbows we see during the year caught BELOW Fall Creek because even these trout are given the change to put some weight on during the slow angling months.

winter 3

What is different about this late fall fishing season is that our water quality has never really dipped down as low as most years; I think mainly because our water temperature hasn't risen into the 50's. It's still in the upper 40's. The colder water is the better as it retains oxygen. So we've witnessed a head start on our good fishing plus I believe our trout have been feeding better than normal all through the fall months -- all good news for Lake Taneycomo's trout fishery.