Jig Fishing Success, 12/17

Sat, 12/17/2016 - 12:00am


This morning was one of those mornings that almost everything went well.  Boated up to Lookout and found a little water running, just a little.  We put on 3/32nd ounce black jigs, 2-pound line, and started going to town.  Duane had 4 rainbows on his first 4 casts and tried his hardest to get 5 for 5 but only came up with 4 strikes.

We drifted down and stayed on the shallow side but our water didn't last long.  I guess they only ran a pulse of water because it didn't stay on long.  But we continued to hook trout, all rainbows.  We took pics of the colorful ones, although there were too many to take pics of all of them.




They wanted it worked fast.  The depth didn't matter because we were fishing less than 2 feet of water almost the entire time.  We worked all the way down to the Narrows.  At times, the water's surface was full of activity--trout taking midges like white bass taking shad.

img_6409 img_6411

Brit Graber caught the day's trophy up close to the island--a 20-inch female rainbow that was colored up real pretty.

I guess the fish knew there was weather coming in because they were storing up for the long haul, it seemed.

img_6406 img_6413

Even Jackson and Tippet got to go... and they had a good time too.