Thu, 12/13/2012 - 9:00am

The Lilley clan has big plans for the holiday season this year.  Caleb and his new bride Maggie are flying in from Boston next Wednesday for a 8-day stay.  We will all meet the following weekend at Jimmy and Megan's in Rogers, Arkansas including Josh, Sara, Jeriah and Serenity from Overland Park, aunt Lana, grandpa Dave and grandma Jean, aunt Lisa and her husband Paul and great grand daughter Justice.  And of course grandma Carolyn.

This will be a very different Christmas without dad.  We will celebrate, again, his life and our fond memories of him, his smile and laugh;  his wit and love for us--and for board and card games--hearts, mexican train dominos and Skipbo.  And of course his love for good food and eating lots of it.

But most of all we will miss the peace he brought to the house, any room he was in.  The peace that passes all understanding. The knowing that everything is ok, right with the world, and we are all safe because dad was there.  Because Jerry Lilley is in the house.

We will, instead, focus on his memory, his legacy, what he left us. He left us each other, love, God's love, His peace, His strength, His presence.  And that's what we will have next weekend, in a new house (the Cumming's house), starting a new tradition for their family, for a new generation, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour -- Jesus... the guy dad is rubbing elbows with right now.  That's a pretty cool thought.

Merry Christmas!