Gary Player Golf Course

Fri, 04/07/2017 - 4:40pm

Johnny Morris is determined to make Branson "the" golf destination.  He already has one of the most beautiful 9-hole, par 3 courses in the world, Top of the Rock and Buffalo Ridge is tops in the state of Missouri.  He has partnered with Gary Player to design and build another par 3, 13-hole course just south of Buffalo Ridge, due to open this summer.

New Gary Player course details revealed
Plans for the 2017 Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf were unveiled at the new Gary Player-designed golf course. The course is the latest gem in the Big Cedar Lodge collection of world-class golf amenities set to open later this year. The family-style short course features 13 par-three holes set high in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains and offers breathtaking views of the natural beauty of the region. Golfers will traverse through dramatic 300 million-year-old limestone cave-like formations during their round on the walking-only course. The result of a shared vision between Johnny Morris and golf icon Gary Player, the mountain-top course is designed to be enjoyable for pros and amateurs alike, featuring multiple tee boxes on each hole to accommodate golfers of all ages and skill levels.

“I’ve never seen a course this drastically stunning – playing here and observing the transitions between wonderful rock formations and breathtaking views will leave an indelible mark on every kind of golfer,” said golf icon Gary Player. “The beauty of the Ozarks will be on full display and I am so pleased to partner with Johnny Morris on a project that celebrates our shared passion for the outdoors and connecting people to nature through golf.”

Check this video out, probably shot about November, 2016.

Can't wait to see and play it.

In addition to these incredible courses, there's another course being built, due to open in 2018.  It's another 18-hole championship course located next to Player's course.