Fall Resort Project

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 7:42pm

We are about to start a major project here at Lilleys' Landing.  We have several duplexes with lofts that were here when we bought the resort in 1983.  We are taking one almost completely down and rebuilding it, expanding the footprint and making it all one level, no stairs.  It will still be a duplex, with 2- 2 bedroom units with full kitchens.  It's units #3/4.

Getting a permit to build this unit has been an 18 month journey.  Since we are now in a flood plane, we are subject to FEMA and their rules of construction.  Since we are not taking the existing building completely down (leaving 2 walls), it is considered a remodel.  If we were to build completely new, the main floor would have to be about 8 feet off the ground.

In a remodel situation, we are limited to spending only 50% of the value of the building over a 5 year span.  The building appraised at $120,000 so that means we only can spend $60,000.  We provided bids and estimates showing we will spend about $53,000 so we were awarded the permit.  We start demolition next week.

We're excited . . . we love improving our accommodations as well as our marina and grounds.  The project should take about 3-4 months.