Choosing Poorly

Tue, 03/31/2015 - 5:25am

I get frustrated with myself on so many fronts, I can't keep up. 

My memory, but I don't drink water.  Don't like water.

My attitude towards people. My mannerisms. Anti-socialite. Supposed to love people and help them. I want to throw up my hand and say, "talk to the hand."  Don't bother me.

How I use my time. This is a biggie cause everything else derives from what I put into myself. Thoughtless hours looking at facebook feeds.

I guess what I think I'm missing is time in prayer and in the Word, the Bible.  I know I'm supposed to be monitoring men God has placed in my life, Bible study, Truth Project.  But I haven't taken the initiative this winter and we are all getting busy with the season staring. 

Lord, show me how to do better...