August 11 fishing Lake Taneycomo

Mon, 08/12/2013 - 2:08pm

Word is they are keeping the gates open at least through the week, may be into the weekend. We are seeing shad in the lake all the way down to the Branson Landing and trout spitting up shad that far down. This is UNPRECEDENTED in the years I've been here - for this many shad to enter the lake from the spill gates.

Rick Lisek said he was one of the only boats up below the dam this morning and they had over 80 trout caught before 10:30 am on shad flies. I caught some real pigs last evening. Some of the biggest were just up and down from the Fall Creek line. All on white 1/8th oz jigs.

KY3 did report yesterday or the day before on how dangerous this high water is to swimmers and boaters... they do this every time they spill water over the gates, although no boating accidents have occurred, at least on Taneycomo. I'm all for warning the public about dangerous situations but to disregard the positive side of the high water is poor. Of course I am bias in my observation!!!

We do our best helping our people be safe on the water. I sent 5 guys who rented a jon boat for 3 days out in one of our pontoons instead, for the same money, because I wanted them to boat to the dam and experience this incredible fishing event. Not that jons are unsafe up there - they are as long as you don't do anything stupid like anchor or drift into trees... it was just easier for 5 to fish from a pontoon than a 5-seat jon boat... and safer.

Know the rules!! A party of three here were going to the dam and fishing with the right lures but kept rainbows in the slot. They didn't know. But they know now. Release rainbows longer than 12 inches and and less than 20 inches. Over 20-inches... take a pic and release 'em, if you please. They'll get bigger for you next time. Browns have to be 20 inches to keep lake wide.