And the season begins. . .

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 7:48pm

"Another day, another dollar."  I believe that's just the opposite of what we believe here at the resort. 

My thoughts now that Memorial Day Weekend has past and the summer season of 2014 has officially begun are:

Why do we still have do many projects to finish?  I think it's because we've chosen to do so many improvements to the grounds, buildings, dock and swimming pool.  Shall I list them?

1.  Completely gut and remodel units #1 and #2.  We replaced everything but the concrete slab and wood structure, although we did replace some of that too.  We're pretty proud of what the guys did- great job and I think our guests will love it!

2.  Build an office on the dock.  My office.  Up to now, my office has been in my home where I blog, email, plan, budget, correspond, study and pray.  This will get me out of the house and accessible to our guest, as well as keeping a better eye on the dock and its operation.

3.  New cedar siding added to the front of the main building along with replacing all the windows.  This is still in the process.  We still need to remove the old overhang, finish the siding and then build and add a new awning.

4.  New flooring in units #10, 19, 20, 21 and 22.

5.  Fill in the deep end of the swimming pool to make it 5 feet deep instead of 8 feet.  Sandblasted the old concrete bottom and repaint.

6.  New landscaping projects.  Minor but still a big job.

7.  Of course painting inside units that need to be painted.

8.  And I think lastly, and not yet even started yet, is adding a new item to the playground.  Let's just say it'll be a lot more expensive than it looks when it's done but I think the kids will love it.

A cold winter set us back on many of these projects, thus the reason we're a little behind.

Familiar faces are already showing up here at the Landing.  It's so good to see them--it's just like having family visit all year round.

We've added a couple of new people to our staff.  Duane Doty is our new dock manager, a position that's been held by several people here in the past, mainly Curtis.  Duane has been a good friend of mine for about 8 years.  He's an Army Vet, served in Desert Storm in the early 90's.  And one thing is for sure, he loved to fish and hunt and he loves to show people how to do both.

Duane will be leaving us for a few months starting in June.  He guides for Crystal Creek Lodge in the Naknek River in SW Alaska.  In his stead, Waco , a teacher here in Branson, will be filling in during his summer break from school.

We'll write more about both gentlemen at a later date.

I'm most excited about being on the dock this summer, visiting with guests and helping them catch trout.  We are so blessed to do what we do.  We love it, even after 31 years.